Professional Advisory Services

Cross Border Partners Advisory Services, LLC (CBPAS) provides access and referrals to professional advisory services through our Cross Border Partners Program. CBPAS and local market experts are available to meet your organization’s legal and regulatory, tax planning, accounting and bookkeeping, website development, technology services, real estate location planning, insurance services needs and more. Through our network of preferred service providers, CBPAS provides arm’s length professional services through accredited and certified professionals in their field.

International Trade Advisory Services – Entering new global markets is a challenging and complex business activity. It takes an experienced team to: evaluate applicable regulations, protect intellectual property, develop appropriate sales channels, establish competitive product and service pricing models, optimize changing supply chains, assess impacting duties and tariffs, review applicable trade agreements and more. At Cross Border Partners Advisory Services, we offer customized market entry programs, export readiness reviews and specialized trade advisory services to help your organization successfully enter new global markets.

Global Regulatory and Trade Compliance Services – Whether your business is an importer or an exporter, in order to successfully operate within international markets, specialized resources will be required to comply with the myriad of national and international trade regulations. For enterprises conducting international business, the lack of documented and effective compliance programs leaves your operations vulnerable to a variety of government agency audits, civil and criminal penalties, fines and other business risks. Through our trade compliance services, we offer: internal audits of import and export documentation, review of customs entry filings, tariff classifications and production of gap analysis reports. Our trade advisory professionals can design, implement and deliver Trade Compliance Management Plans (TCMP) and customized workforce training that will assist your business to reduce regulatory risks, while benefitting from potentially lower duties and tax costs.

Legal services – Collaboration with lawyers who can provide advisory and business transactional services, achieve a rapid response and understanding of projects and business investments-purchase requirements, human resource planning and immigration support. (visas, contracts, installation, acquisition, etc.)

Accounting and tax advisory services – We work with a variety of major and boutique accounting firms with departments specializing in managing foreign subsidiaries, cross border tax planning strategies and more.

Immigration Services – There are a variety of US immigration visa and permanent residency programs to support individuals and business owners who may be considering relocation and investment in the United States. Additionally, the EB-5 program allows an investor to apply for conditional U.S. permanent residence with a direct investment of $1,000,000 (under certain circumstances $500,000) in a new commercial enterprise that employs at least ten full-time U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Through Cross Border Partnership Program providers, assistance can be provided in regards of how the process works; types of investments; financing issues; entrepreneurial vs. Regional Center investments; necessary due diligence; and related tax and corporate issues.