Market Entry Services

Why Cross Border Partners Advisory Services?

96CBPAS has a strong network of contacts in Canada, United States, Asia Pacific Regions, Europe, Latin and South American markets, with specific expertise in the greater Tampa Bay and Florida markets. Our unique full-service international trade consultative services approach makes us uniquely qualified to deliver strategic solutions in support of your organization’s global business expansion plans. CBPAS’ market entry services extend to 1) US based companies contemplating entering foreign markets and expanding their sale of products and services AND 2) Foreign companies seeking direct market investments in the United States and tapping into one of the most dynamic and prosperous market in the world.


Export Markets – International Market Entry Services

Cross Border Partners Advisory Services, LLC (CBPAS) is a full service international business development and marketing consulting firm that specializes in assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) create new growth opportunities through the export of their products and services to international markets.

goinglobalWe offer to companies operating in the United States, international focused, strategic market expansion and planning services including: export readiness assessments, collaborating and advising on appropriate direct and indirect market entry strategies, advising on business organizational and financial planning methodologies, evaluating changes to supply chain and logistics service requirements, delivering workforce skills development training courses, conducting export compliance audits and providing other specialized and customized services to support international expansion. CBPAS and our team of professional advisors and partner organizations will act as your trusted advisor to support entry to new international markets throughout North America, Asia Pacific Regions, Europe, Latin and South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Foreign Direct and Indirect Investment – US Market Entry Services


Cross Border Partners Advisory Services, LLC offers trade advisory services to foreign companies seeking entry to US markets for the purpose of setting up new business, manufacturing and sales operations. Investing in the United States and our local Florida market has several advantages. The US continues to enjoy their position as the world’s largest economy. Companies considering relocation and expansion to the US market will find a favorable investor environment with regulations and available economic development incentives favoring companies which offer innovative services, manufacturing and high tech, value-added products. Florida specifically offers: strong economic growth opportunities, investment diversification, ready access to capital markets, a skilled labor base, and investor immigration programs. Florida’s major cities and the Greater Tampa Bay market are supported by advanced domestic and international transportation systems which include: modernized high capacity ports, close proximity to the Panama Canal, rail and air services linking to key global business centers around the world.

Florida’s proximity to Caribbean, Latin and South American markets should be considered a key competitive advantage when considering US market entry plans. Moreover, the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA created the world’s largest free trade area, which now links 450 million people in the United States, Canada and Mexico producing some $17 trillion worth of goods and services. The NAFTA and Florida’s location within the US presents compelling reasons for international businesses to consider Florida, and specifically the Greater Tampa Bay market area, as prime choices for US market entry.

For companies seeking to enter the US and Florida area market, Cross Border Partners Advisory Services, LLC is uniquely positioned to assist through a broad base of public sector, educational and business relationships. CBPAS works on a collaborative basis with local, regional and national economic development organizations to attract companies considering expansion into the US. CBPAS. The State of Florida has developed a business-friendly environment where an entrepreneurial spirit, competitive costs and streamlined regulations are the drivers that enable businesses to innovate and grow. CBPAS supports the efforts of organizations such as Enterprise Florida Inc., (EFI) a public-private partnership serving as Florida’s primary organization devoted to statewide economic development. Many leading companies are already benefiting from Florida’s business advantages. Cross Border Partners Advisory Services, LLC and our team of experienced trade advisors understands your business needs and stands ready to welcome your business to Florida and the Greater Tampa Bay region with its creative workforce, global connectivity and high quality of life.

Cross Border Partners Advisory Services, LLC provides ‘new to market’ services delivered directly by CBPAS and/or through our preferred partners organizations which include:

  • Market research and locational planning analysis
  • Identification of potential go-to-market partners
  • Business incorporation, legal, banking, administrative, fiscal and taxation planning through professional service organizations and our partners
  • Marketing and communication consultation (to support a consistent launch and development of the product in the market)
  • Representative and virtual office programs which include: mail retrieval and processing services, temporary management and sales business development representation
  • Temporary executive management resources including: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Sales & Marketing Executives, and other services
  • Board of director engagements to support statutory and regulatory requirements for newly incorporated companies and special purpose investment corporations