Location & Operational Planning

Location and operational planning represent key activities in determining a company’s success when entering new markets. At Cross Border Partners Advisory Services, our team of professional advisors and partners offer unique skills, manufacturing experience and resources to businesses considering relocation or changes to their operations. Our management team has the knowledge and experience to build competitive advantages through quality location decisions. Whether your organization is establishing new global or regional operations, evaluating new manufacturing, sales and service locations, we can assist. We add value by providing:

Facilitating real estate acquisitions – We assemble a team of commercial real estate representatives and local economic development organizations to work closely with your organization to develop strategic location requirements and operational plans.

Project management for relocation services – We provide relocation project management assistance to free up and add to resources to your organization. Relocation plans and the successful execution require critical planning and resourcing skills. Look to our team to assist with the many complex decisions and planning activities to make your move a success. Our project management services supplements relocation resourcing by not diverting critical talent away from day-to-day business operations and revenue generating activities.

Operations and manufacturing operations reviews – Through our partner organizations, we can assist companies with value-added manufacturing and production efficiency reviews as part of your organization’s relocation plans.

Enhancing relocation ROI – Our team of professionals will recommend location strategies which are designed to identify available regional economic development incentives, tax abatement opportunities, workforce training programs and other financial and non-financial incentives. Through various economic development programs offered by city, county, state and regional organizations, our experienced team will assist with preparing economic incentive applications to reach sources of capital and grants available to your organization.

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