Our Services

Cross Border Partners Advisory Services, LLC offers a variety of consulting and fee based services. Our services can be arranged on a retainer basis, hourly billed or venture-specific participation. We offer unique programs designed to suit the requirements of your organization’s international business development and expansion plans.

For manufacturers and product sale organizations that cannot budget $500,000 in expenses for an export department, there is simply no better option than Cross Border Advisory Services, LLC. Contact us today and let us show you how our “contracted export management services program” can assist your company to enter new international markets more efficiently and with less risk.

1. Market Entry Services

a. Strategic/Business Planning Development
b. Project Management
c. Market Research
i.      Land, Sea, Air Market area tours
ii.     Demographic Research
iii.    Competitive Analysis and Intelligence
d. Economic Development Organizations Liaison

2. Strategic Business Introductions

a. Distributors/Agents
b. Acquisition Targets
c. Joint Ventures
d. Procurement, Vendor and Contract Manufacturing
e. Assistance with Passive Investments
f.  Business Relationship Development Support

3. Location and Operational Planning

a. Human Capital and Labor
b. Regulatory Issues – Market and Product Specific
c. Accessibility/Regional Transportation

4. Professional Advisory Services

a. Legal and Regulatory
b. Tax planning, guidance and compliance
c. Accounting/Bookkeeping
d. Technology Support
e. Real Property – Location planning, site selection – Insurance
f.  Insurance
g. Human Resource Regulations, Labor Compliance and Immigration

5. Supply Chain Services and Logistics

a. Logistics – Importing and Exporting
b. Customs and Regulatory Compliance
c. Supply Chain Optimization
d. Transportation and Warehousing

6. Financing and Capital Acquisition

a. Government Incentive Identification
b. Banking
c. Private Equity and Debt