Trade and Logistics Challenge Grant – FAQs

  • What is the Quick Response Training (QRT) Trade and Logistics Consortium Grant?

The QRT Trade and Logistics Consortium Grant is a special time-limited statewide grant totaling $2 million aimed at meeting marketplace talent needs of existing Florida companies in this key sector. A goal of the grant is to assist each and every company in this sector improve its competitiveness by improving the skills sets of existing and new employees hired over the next year. The grant will be funded through Workforce Florida’s Quick Response Training program. The Trade and Logistics Consortium Grant is designed for “for-profit” companies who are in need of customized training for existing or new employees.

  • Why is Workforce Florida offering grant funding to companies in this sector?

Workforce Florida wants to assist in Florida companies’ gaining competitive advantage by shoring up the knowledge, skills and abilities of each company’s existing and prospective workforce.

  • Who is eligible to apply for the Trade and Logistics Consortium QRT Grant?

The Trade and Logistics Consortium Grant will be offered to all Florida for-profit companies.

  • What is the timeframe for the QRT Trade and Logistics Consortium training?

Each eligible companies will have 12 months to complete training beginning July 1, 2013. For that reason, we encourage companies to identify common training needs among companies interested in participating leading to a consortium application.

  • What expenses are covered under the QRT Trade and Logistics Consortium Grant?

Eligible expenses covered under the grant include instructor wages, curriculum development, textbooks or manuals or the production of textbooks and manuals.

  • Who can I contact at WFI for more information about the 2013 Trade and Logistics Consortium Grant?

 If you have additional questions about the Workforce Florida Trade & Logistics Challenge Grant, please Contact Us, Cross Border Partners Advisory Services or visit our website to learn more. Together, we can expand Florida’s exports.