Global Advantage International Training

At Cross Border Partners Advisory Services, we understand that an international marketing “strategy” is only activated on “execution.” Otherwise, it just remains a dusty old stack of papers, hidden away in a drawer somewhere.

A GREAT strategy is no match for poorly designed implementation plans.

Conversely, even a mediocre strategy, supported by a strong clearly designed implementation plan, an energized, well trained team, leadership and team members staying focused on the tasks and goals, can beat a GREAT strategy, any day of the week! The essential difference is team preparation, and an execution strategy grounded in the knowledge and skills required to make the difference between failure and success.

In today’s changing global economy, international trade presents unprecedented opportunities to companies that want to create sustainable, long term growth. Global markets present both challenges and opportunities. Over many years of observing companies entering new international markets, it is surprising to see how many develop great strategies, make their first sale and then struggle in fully executing the strategy. Among a few of these challenges:

  • Products or services not adapted for the export region
  • Regulatory issues trapping shipments in customs
  • Margins eroded due to inappropriate shipping, post warranty repair and return practices
  • Foreign market taxation rates, duties and other costs not anticipated on sale
  • Export regulations not being fully understood giving rise to potential fines litigation costs
  • and more…

Jumping into foreign waters and then learning how to swim is not a very intelligent approach! Sharks and nautical hazards wait at almost every turn.

Cross Border Partners Advisory Services is your trusted partner to assist your business in navigating the complexities of global market expansion.

Global Advantage® Cross Border Partners Advisory Services market leading Trade and Logistics workforce training programs offers high impact training options targeted to multi-discipline workforce talent groups focused on growing your company’s international export markets. Global Advantage® delivers real-world information and expertise on how to be successful in global trade. Businesses can select from a wide variety of mission critical, international market specific, or general trade skills programs that are conducted by industry experts. Our team links strategic international resources and contacts with your team. Return on training investments are maximized by high program content take-away value, which your staff can immediately apply. Global Advantage’s customized training options provides businesses with the competitive advantage to compete in the fast paced world of international trade.

Our professionally delivered training programs align with your international business expansion strategies. We assist your business to identify critical knowledge and training gaps within your organization. Our extensive selection of customized international training resources combines with our international business savvy instructors to deliver targeted workforce training plans. Relax, enjoy smooth sailing ahead in global markets.

Let us show you how Global Advantage® builds sustainable workforce talent skills for your business today! View Global Advantage Curriculum.