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Today, more than ever, companies from around the world want to expand their global operations, reach new customers, diversify risk and tap into new sources of revenues. In the fast paced world of international business, expanding globally is no longer an option but an “imperative” for securing long term success and organizational vitality.

To successfully compete in global markets, companies must evaluate many complex and competing options. There is a maze of issues to consider when making decisions to enter international markets ranging from: selecting optimum markets for your products and services, developing market entry and business development strategies, meeting a myriad of product regulatory, import and export compliance requirements, establishing effective legal and taxation structures, selecting channels of distribution, optimizing new supply chains and more. Adding cultural barriers, trade agreements, government agencies, and customs regulations to the mix makes ‘going global’ even more of a challenge. Successfully done, small and medium sized enterprises can increase revenues significantly—often achieving 50% or more of its revenues from international markets in just a few years, not decades, and substantial return on investments through well-defined international market entry plans.

Cross Border Partners Advisory Services is your trusted partner to assist your business in navigating the complexities of global market expansion.

Cross Border Partners and Advisory Services (CBPAS) is Your Bridge to Enter New Markets™. In a rapidly evolving international trade landscape, we offer innovative services and solutions to position your business for success. Whether you’re trading across borders in North and South America, Europe, or the Asia-Pacific countries, our experienced team can assist your business to understand the complexities and benefits of international market expansion. We can, for example, demonstrate how to increase competitive advantages through international trade agreements, achieve favorable duty and tariff treatment for your products, services and more. Our primary trade advisory service offerings consist of:

International Trade Consulting and Market Entry Services – CBPAS provides our clients with customized and innovative solutions which can be tailored to your business needs and industry and markets served. We offer strategic international market expansion and planning services including: export readiness assessments, and collaborating and advising on appropriate direct and indirect market entry strategies. Our international trade-specific knowledge can assist your business in maximizing export opportunities and developing plans to mitigate business, financial and operating risks. Learn More

Foreign Direct Investment Advisory Services – CBPAS offers trade advisory services to assist foreign companies seeking entry to US markets for the purpose of setting up new business, manufacturing and sales operations. The North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, created the world’s largest free trade area, which now links 450 million people in the United States, Canada and Mexico producing some $17 trillion worth of goods and services. Learn More

Global Advantage® Cross Border Partners Advisory Services market leading Trade and Logistics workforce training programs offers high impact training options targeted to multi-discipline workforce talent groups focused on growing your company’s international export markets. Global Advantage® delivers real-world information and expertise on how to be successful in global trade. Businesses can select from a wide variety of mission critical, international market specific or general trade skills programs that are conducted by industry experts. Our team links strategic international resources and contacts with your team. Return on training investments are maximized by high program content take-away value, which your staff can immediately apply. Global Advantage’s customized training options provides businesses with the competitive advantage to compete in the fast paced world of international trade. Let us show you how Global Advantage® builds sustainable workforce talent skills for your business today! Learn More, Global Advantage®

Client service. Creative trade solutions. Experience. Integrity. Cross Border Partners Advisory Services is a leading, Florida based, international trade consulting service organization. We deliver value to our clients through innovation and by turning global market expansion challenges to opportunities. Our success is measured by our clients’ success.

Contact us today. Let us demonstrate how CBPAS’ innovative trade advisory services and solutions can achieve cost effective international market entry strategies and accelerated revenue growth, and sustainable competitive advantages for your business.

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